Chef Anne Coll

Anne Coll’s vision for the menu at Meritage draws heavily from that storied past, blending traditional French techniques with Asian flavor profiles, but she is also influenced heavily by the tastes of today – and budgets. “I really want our menu to be filled with smaller plates and sharable dishes. That’s what people like, I know I’d rather taste a little bit of a few things, than having a whole lot of just one thing!”

The Media-raised Chef’s long-standing interest in Asian cooking is obvious in the menu's many fusion accents. Anne was executive chef for 6 years at Susanna Foo's on Walnut Street, following formative experiences at Le Bec-Fin and Savona.

“What separates Coll from so many other fusion pretenders is the command of Asian ingredients that allows her to draw an uncommon depth and elegance of flavors.” (Craig Laban, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Anne Coll
Executive Chef